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Why not include Airy Fairy’s Fairy Floss at your next party!

Airy Fairy Stall Sno Cone Machine Fairy Floss bags

FAQ's From Airy Fairy

How much notice do I need to give to book a Fairy Floss, Popcorn or sno cone machine?

Generally we only require 3 days notice however by booking early you will ensure we will be able to attend your function.

Is there any additional monies payable when you attend the party?

The price is fully inclusive of all costs.

Do we have to operate any of the machines ourselves?

No, an employee of Airy Fairys will be on hand throughout the event to serve you and your guests.

Are your products Kosher approved?

Airy Fairys Fairy Floss, Popcorn & Sno Cones products are all Kosher approved & is certified from the KA Authority, we can provide the Kosher Certificate to you on request.

Can we book more than one machine for a party?

You are welcome to book as many machines as necessary. We will advise you on what is needed for your party based on the number of guests you indicate.