Airy Fairy's


Why not include Airy Fairy’s Fairy Floss at your next party!

Sno Cone Machine Kid holding sno-cone Sno Cone Machine being used

With Airy Fairy's Fairy Floss and Sno Cone you can have your own Fresh Sno Cone supply for all your party guests. One of our staff will be able to set up quickly and easily in a suitable location.

Our staff member will be on hand for the duration, to operate the machine and to ensure you and all your guests can enjoy freshly made Sno Cones. Our machines are suitable for indoors or outdoor use. They take up little space and are safe around children. Airy Fairys Floss and Sno Cone is nutritious and suitable for all ages. For full details please send us an email.

We maintain a high level of hygiene as we clean and check each machine after every use. All the machines come with their own ingredients to ensure you have a trouble free and reliable supply of Sno Cones on hand throughout your function. Simply discuss your preferences with us when making your booking.

So call us on 0406 012 344, or use our contact form to place your booking or to clarify any questions you may have. All booking details will be confirmed by us prior to acceptance.

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